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Razmig Hovaghimian

CEO & Co-Founder, Viki

Razmig is bringing global TV - translated into 160+ languages by a community of avid fans – to new audiences around the world. Prior to Viki, Razmig worked at NBC Universal, where he served as Senior Vice President for its International Studio Ventures arm and oversaw funding and the development of international productions and content.

Prior to that role, he was the Acting Vice President of Strategic Initiatives and Analysis for NBC Universal’s West Coast offices. Earlier in his career, Razmig worked on new media engagements with firms including the Mitchell Madison Group in the US and Europe, and Dentsu in Japan.

Razmig is also co-founder and joint patent holder of Embrace, an organization that has developed a $25 infant incubator for the developing world. His social ventures include working in Sudan for the United Nations on setting up private-public investment initiatives. Razmig holds an MBA from Stanford University Graduate School of Business and a Bachelor's degree from University of California, Berkeley, graduating magna cum laude.

@razmigh @viki

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