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Yup!Charge designs and manufactures superfast charging station for mobile phones and other digital devices; combine with proximity marketing solutions such as digital signage or NFC, becoming a new advertising and entertainment content display. Moreover, our Free App guides customers to find the closest stations within the city, at the same time they can look at useful information and promotions from each venue.

Yup!Charge Station is a new kind of product that allow people to re-charge their mobile phones when they are on the go in public places such as shopping malls, airports or cafeterias. Clearly, Yup!Charge is a powerful advertising tool right in front of a captive audience you can measure.

We offer great services to people when they need it. With our different models, users can charge their mobile phone at anytime, anywhere. We can exploit that captured moment. We aim to utilize the goodwill we get from helping people in order expose them to commercial messages right at the point of sale.

We have already more than 500 stations deployed in more than 14 countries, with 200 stations in our home town Barcelona, so any one can access to a charger meanwhile is walking the Mobile World Capital city.


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