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Danny Choo

Director, Culture Japan

Danny Choo resides in Tokyo and runs a brand known as Culture Japan which focuses on sharing and making Japanese culture more accessible to the world through various media, contents and products - all with the help of his mascot character Mirai Suenaga who became an official mascot for Japan Tourism in 2013.

Danny is the Director and Presenter on a TV show called Culture Japan (broadcast in Japan, Asia and America) and also the host for the TV show Japan Mode (broadcast across Asia). In 2013 METI (Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry) appointed Danny as a member of the CIIC (Creative Industries Internationalization Committee) which focuses on implementing measures to facilitate the proliferation of Japanese creative content worldwide.

Danny's current project is Smart Doll -a robotic 60cm tall doll which can do everything that a Smart Phone can do apart from fit in your back trouser pocket.

In his career, Danny served as Computer Engineer at Japan Airlines, Website Manager on the management team at Amazon and as CGM Product Manager at Microsoft."


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