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Nathan Blecharczyk | 4YFN

Nathan Blecharczyk

Co-founder & CTO, Airbnb

Nathan is the co-founder and CTO at Airbnb, the room-sharing startup that is now worth around $1 billion. More

Martin Varsavsky | 4YFN

Martin Varsavsky

CEO & Founder, Fon

Tech entrepreneur, angel investor and Columbia Univ and Instituto de Empresa Professor. He founded Viatel, Ya.com or Jazztel among others and is an active philanthropist. More

Jan Koum  | 4YFN

Jan Koum

Co-Founder & CEO, WhatsApp

The co-founder of the most popular app on real-time messaging will be intervied by Martin Varsavsky. More

Eze Vidra | 4YFN

Eze Vidra

Head of Google for Entrepreneurs Europe, Google

Eze launched Campus London, Google’s first physical startup hub, providing entrepreneurs with work and event space, mentorship, and educational programs as well as access to a vibrant startup community. More

Dr. Yossi Vardi | 4YFN

Dr. Yossi Vardi


Vardi has invested in over 50 tech companies in diverse areas such as software, energy or mobile. The most famous has been ICQ, the first Internet-wide instant messaging system. More

Massimo Banzi | 4YFN

Massimo Banzi

Co-founder of the Arduino project

Creator of the affordable open-source microcontrollers for interactive projects, allowing any project to respond to light, sound and other stimulus by moving, beeping, tweeting. More

Carlos Domingo  | 4YFN

Carlos Domingo

Innovation and New Digital Business CEO in Telefónica Digital and President and CEO for Telefónica I+D

Highly talented, whith a global visión and passionate about technology and innovation. More

Anand Chandrasekher  | 4YFN

Anand Chandrasekher

Senior Vice President, Business Development, Qualcomm

Always related to the mobile universe, he has been workinf at Intel for 24 years and now is Senior Vice President of Qualcomm. More

Marcelo Claure | 4YFN

Marcelo Claure

President & CEO, Brightstar Corp.

Marcelo has earned international recognition for his entrepreneurial skills and innovative spirit and Brightstar has enjoyed broad recognition as a successful global venture. More

Morten Lund | 4YFN

Morten Lund

Entrepreneur & Chairman of OnlyXO / Tradeshift / Capital Aid

Investor and contributor to over 80 high-technology startups, he strongly believes he can change industries via technology, hard work, good people and a bit of cash. More

Kenneth Morse | 4YFN

Kenneth Morse

Global sales strategies for ambitious mobile entrepreneurs

Serial entrepreneur, leader in global high-tech sales for more than 30 years and founder of the MIT Entrepreneurship Center. More

John Biggs | 4YFN

John Biggs

East Coast Editor, TechCrunch

Biggs has written for the New York Times, InSync, USA Weekend, Popular Mechanics, Popular Science, Money and a number of other outlets on technology and wristwatches. More

Di-Ann Eisnor | 4YFN

Di-Ann Eisnor

Judge of Mobile Startup Competition

VicePresident at WAZE More

Andrés Leonardo | 4YFN

Andrés Leonardo

Developer Program Manager, Google

He is focused on driving the success of Google's developer products and the open web by creating a thriving ecosystem of 3rd party applications and businesses built on them. More

Alex Rusli | 4YFN

Alex Rusli

President Director and Chief Executive Officer, PT Indosat Tbk More

Javier Santiso | 4YFN

Javier Santiso

Managing Director Global Affairs & New Ventures, Telefonica; Vice Chairman, Advisory Board, Mobile World Capital

He is a leading specialist on emerging markets and on Latin America in particular. He is a professor of economics at ESADE. More

Verne Harnish | 4YFN

Verne Harnish

What start-ups can use to dominate their industry

Is the guru of fast growth companies, an expert in helping entrepreneurs. Now he brings his powerful ideas to you. More

Dr. Genevieve Bell  | 4YFN

Dr. Genevieve Bell

R&D fellow, Intel

Anthropologist and researcher with 15 years of experience driving innovation in the high tech industry and Director of Interaction and Experience Research in Intel Labs. More

Myke Naef  | 4YFN

Myke Naef

Judge of Mobile Startup Competition

Co-Founder & CEO, Doodle More

Rod Snodgrass | 4YFN

Rod Snodgrass

CEO, Telecom Digital Ventures at Telecom New Zealand

Rod is responsible for leading all product and pricing activity across Telecom. His focus is on the creation of group wide portfolio and pricing strategy. More

Pepe Agell | 4YFN

Pepe Agell

Head of International at Chartboost

Passionate about everything around the mobile gaming industry, Chartboost is the largest gaming platform in the world that helps developers build a business around their creations. More

John Malloy | 4YFN

John Malloy

Judge of Mobile Startup Competition

General Partner and co-founder of BlueRun Ventures More

Teemu Arina  | 4YFN

Teemu Arina

CEO of Meetin.gs

Biohacker, serial technology entrepreneur and management advisor regarding digital business. More

Lucas Carné | 4YFN

Lucas Carné

Co-Founder of Privalia

Co-Founder of the most successful online private shop in Spain and a dynamic entrepreneur. More

Harald Neidhardt | 4YFN

Harald Neidhardt

MLove editor

Entrepreneur with a passion for Mobile & Innovation. Founder & Curator of MLOVE. Co-Founder of Smaato. Editor & Author: Lifestyle of Mobility. More

Jèrôme Nadel  | 4YFN

Jèrôme Nadel

Senior Vice President & CMO, Rambus

Expert in strategic usability and user experience and an extensive knowledge of international business strategy and marketing. More

Zohar Dayan | 4YFN

Zohar Dayan

Co-Founder & CEO, Wibbitz

Wibbitz is a technology company aiming to change the way we consume information on mobile devices, re-packaging textual content into rich and informative video summaries. More

Alison Rushworth | 4YFN

Alison Rushworth

Head of User Experience & Business Analysis, AKQA

She is responsible for applying best-practice user-centric design processes to AKQA's projects in order to produce a UX that is an immediately useful and engaging. More

Rebeca Hwang | 4YFN

Rebeca Hwang

Judge of Mobile Startup Competition

Managing Partner at Rivet Ventures & co-founder of YouNoodle. More

Nathalie Boulanger | 4YFN

Nathalie Boulanger

Senior Vice President, Orange Startup Ecosystem

She has been making her whole career at France Telecom since 1985. Her responsibilities varied a lot, alternating technical, financial and commercial fields. More

Prof. Reto Wettach | 4YFN

Prof. Reto Wettach

Founder & Design Director, IXDS

IXDS is a strategic design company which help their clients transform business opportunities on digital technologies into sustainable services. More

Jaume Gomà | 4YFN

Jaume Gomà

CEO of Ulabox

Always related to online businesses or telcos, such as Anuntis Segundamano or Orange. He is also a Business Angel. More

Xavier Verdaguer | 4YFN

Xavier Verdaguer

Imagine Express

Serial entrepreneur from Barcelona now based in Silicon Valley. He will be the driver of the Imagine Express ideas. More

Magnus Jern | 4YFN

Magnus Jern

CEO of Golden Gekko

Expert in content strategies, online marketing, location based services, app development and mobile marketing for global consumer brands, directory companies and mobile operators across the world. More

Jan Miczaika | 4YFN

Jan Miczaika

COO, Wooga

Wooga is one of the largest social games developers in the world, which games that excite around 40 million active players every month. More

Barbara Mallinson | 4YFN

Barbara Mallinson

Founder & CEO, Obami

She moved back to South Africa and started working with entrepreneurs tired of being in an english corporation. That's how Obami -which means "mine" in zulu- borns. More

Danny Choo | 4YFN

Danny Choo

Director, Culture Japan

Choo main focus on sharing and making Japanese culture more accessible to the world through various media, contents and products. More

Tomás Diez | 4YFN

Tomás Diez

Director, Fab Lab Barcelona

Urbanist specialized in digital fabrication and its implications on the future cities models and co-founder of the Smart Citizen project. More

Cecilia Tham | 4YFN

Cecilia Tham

Founder at FabCafe Barcelona and MOB

Trained as a designer but innately a maker by heart, with a passionate drive towards problem solving. More

Christopher Pommerening | 4YFN

Christopher Pommerening

Active Venture Partners

Christopher is a natural born entrepreneur with a great passion for entrepreneurship and high growth companies within the technology space. More

Jeffrey Char  | 4YFN

Jeffrey Char

CEO, J-Seed Ventures

He is a serial entrepreneur and serves on the boards of several technology and social ventures. Passionate about innovation and technology. More

Jon Bradford | 4YFN

Jon Bradford

Managing Director, Techstars

Jon Bradford loves to help start-ups and their founders achieve their true potential. More

Angelika Blendstrup | 4YFN

Angelika Blendstrup

Judge of Mobile Startup Competition

500startups mentor. International communications coach focused on pitch training and branding. She gives classes at Stanford & UCs (Palo Alto). More

Kate Cornick | 4YFN

Kate Cornick

University of Melbourne

She is the Director of Industry Engagement and Innovation at University of Melbourne. More

Aldo de Jong | 4YFN

Aldo de Jong

Partner en Claro Partners

Aldo is a strategist with strong analytical capability and business acumen, coupled with creativity and passion for understanding people. More

Ángel Garcia | 4YFN

Ángel Garcia

Partner, Lanta Digital Ventures

Experienced executive, investor and entrepreneur. Mentor in several startups initiatives such Wayra, SeedCamp or Startbootcamp. More

Marc Vicente | 4YFN

Marc Vicente

CEO of Rakuten Spain

More than 10 years of experience working on e-commerce and Internet in an international environment, on companies such as Lastminute.com or Spanair. More

Jennifer L. Schenker | 4YFN

Jennifer L. Schenker

Judge of Mobile Startup Competition

Founder & editor-in-chief, Informilo More

Alex Fiance | 4YFN

Alex Fiance

Judge of Mobile Startup Competition

Global President of Kairos Society More

Hendrick Halbe | 4YFN

Hendrick Halbe

Director, Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship

Hendrik has become an authority in the field of business development and knowledge utilisation. He is passionate about innovation and believes in the combination of entrepreneurship and science. More

Gonzalo Fasanella | 4YFN

Gonzalo Fasanella

Head of User Acquisition, Gameloft

Gonzalo is responsible for growth and distribution of the entire portfolio of Gameloft mobile apps. More

Philippe Gelis | 4YFN

Philippe Gelis

CEO, Kantox

Philippe has background in the consulting industry, working in companies like Deloitte, working with the Santander Group and clients from the Venture Capital industry. More

Ville Heijari | 4YFN

Ville Heijari

GM of Europe, Kontagent+PlayHaven

Heijari oversees Kontagent+PlayHaven’s international growth in Europe and the needs of local mobile developers. More

Ariane Van De Ven | 4YFN

Ariane Van De Ven

Global Trends Expert, Telefonica I+D

Ariane is fascinated by the cultural zeitgeist and how to connect organisations with ideas and experiences that are meaningful to people. More

Itay Gadot | 4YFN

Itay Gadot

Vice President, Mobile Network at DMG

Itay brings the same enthusiasm to new mobile advertising strategies for dmg, while continuing to push the boundaries of the market. More

Offer Yehudai | 4YFN

Offer Yehudai

Co-Founder & President, Inneractive

Offer co-founded Inneractive to help developers better monetize their apps, so he found that mobile advertising returned higher revenues doing premium app sales. More

Jennifer Riggins | 4YFN

Jennifer Riggins

Journalist, CBS Smart Planet

She has a particular passion working for and writing about startups. More

Scott Mackin | 4YFN

Scott Mackin

Founding Editor, Barcinno

American-born entrepreneur, writer and 'business guy', founder of Bourbon Creative and Managing Editor. More

Robin Wauters | 4YFN

Robin Wauters

Founding editor, Tech.eu

Founding editor of Tech.eu. Formerly European Editor at TheNextWeb and senior reporter at TechCrunch. More

Jonathan Hayes  | 4YFN

Jonathan Hayes

Founder, Dinube

Jonathan Hayes is a pathfinder innovator, a strategist and high-energy, entrepreneurial executive with 14+ years' global experience in Media, IT & Mobile. More

Pol Navarro | 4YFN

Pol Navarro

Judge of Mobile Startup Competition

Head of Direct Channels and Innovation, Banc Sabadell More

Pablo Villalba | 4YFN

Pablo Villalba

Founder, Teambox

Pablo is a product designer with strong development skills, experienced in building teams and business models through customer development. More

Ben Rooney | 4YFN

Ben Rooney

Co-editor in chief, Informilo / Former, The Wall Street Journal

A veteran journalist, he has been a part of the tech scene since he was launch editor of the UK’s The Daily Telegraph website (1994). In 2013 he was voted Tech Journalist of the Year on the annual Europa awards. More

Lars Stalling | 4YFN

Lars Stalling

Interaction Design

Stalling is a service innovation consultant who brings in design thinking at both the strategic and tactical level leveraging his over 15 years of experience in empathic people research, interaction design, and digital technologies. More

Marc Pous | 4YFN

Marc Pous

Founder, Things.IO

Marc organizes the Internet of Things Barcelona meetup community and co-organizes the IoT Munich community. More

Dr. Paul Fox | 4YFN

Dr. Paul Fox

Ph.D. in Innovation Platforms and Ecosystems, ESADE

Specialized in early stage opportunity identification, business model innovation and development, and application of lean startup methodology. More

Guillermo Marqueta-Siibert | 4YFN

Guillermo Marqueta-Siibert

Director, Inlea Foundation

As Director of Inlea Foundation, he supports teams with an IT business idea in the initial stages to consolidate them as companies. More

Ian Collingwood | 4YFN

Ian Collingwood

UX, Lean and design thinking specialist

Ian helps organizations to see the world through the eyes of their customers and so make better business decisions. More

Assaf Benjamin  | 4YFN

Assaf Benjamin

VP Strategic Partnerships, NativeX

Assaf has successfully led marketing and business development at StarHome, M-Systems and SanDisk, he has also led US operations and penetration for startups like eMazeU, among many others. More

Oscar Fonrodona | 4YFN

Oscar Fonrodona

Head of Marketing and Brand, Akamon

He leads a team of marketing experts and overseeing all acquisition, retention and mobile marketing strategies, as well as dealing with VIPs and product brand issues. More

Sergi Mora | 4YFN

Sergi Mora

Coordinator, Start-up Catalonia Accelerator

Author of "7 hàbitos simples que cambiarán tu año" and a degree in Business Administration from ESADE. More

Catherine Woo | 4YFN

Catherine Woo

Investment Director, UK and Europe, Victorian Government of Australia

She is responsible for driving greater investment between Victoria and Europe, focusing on organisations from the technology, financial and infrastructure sectors. More

Steven Salsberg | 4YFN

Steven Salsberg

Chairman, Global Access Advisors, and US Chief Admin Officer, iWebgate

He is a serial entrepreneur and founder of numerous companies. He has built and managed companies in Multiple Sectors including ICT, Mobile Payments, Food and Passenger Ships. More

David Kim | 4YFN

David Kim

Co-founder & CEO, Animoca

After several years of pioneering work in the Internet and technology space in the US and Asia, Kim now serves as the CEO of Animoca. More

Jesse Gillette | 4YFN

Jesse Gillette

Exc. Director - Advertising Business Development, Pandora

She is focused on monetizing Pandora's growing mobile audience and advancing mobile advertising technology for the company. More

Andrés Manso | 4YFN

Andrés Manso

Founder & CEO, Incubio

Andrés strongly believes that Incubio is the perfect environment for entrepreneurs to enhance technical knowledge, sharp problem solving skills, and learn the art of execution. More

Simon Lee | 4YFN

Simon Lee

Co-founder & Chief Design Officer, Incubio

He tries to help entrepreneurs to design better products and experiences in their startups. More

Mathieu Carenzo | 4YFN

Mathieu Carenzo

Judge of Mobile Startup Competition

IESE - Entrepreneurship Lecturer / Global Entrepreneurship Week – Host Spain More

Alfredo Guilbert | 4YFN

Alfredo Guilbert

COO, Digital Film Cloud Network

Alfredo excels at building teams and finding ways to streamline business processes with the help of technology and advises many startups on growth strategy. More

Roger Lang | 4YFN

Roger Lang

Managing Member, Lang Studios

Roger is passionate about quantitative software, and provides leadership experience to guide management and boards to create shareholder value. More

Oren Simanian | 4YFN

Oren Simanian

Founder & CEO, StarTau

At the Tel Aviv University’s Entrepreneurship Center he has designed tailor-made plans to assist entrepreneurs in taking their projects to the next level. More

Jordi Argente | 4YFN

Jordi Argente

Founder, New Market Venture Management

More than 30 years of experience as a strategy consultant, he is now focusing on supporting entrepreneurs to grow a business from an “idea” into a “seed” or “startup” stage. More

Nacho Coloma | 4YFN

Nacho Coloma

CTO, Extrema Sistemas

Nacho has designed high-end systems for the last 15 years: Air and Naval Traffic Control, Airport Management, and several E-Banking Platforms. More

Raul Otaolea | 4YFN

Raul Otaolea

Co-founder & CEO, WiMi5

He was responsible for coordinating and building up the most famous and profitable multiplayer games community of Spain and South America. More

Ehud Levy | 4YFN

Ehud Levy

Managing Partner, Vertex Venture Capital

With more than two decades of experience in the high-tech industry, Levy has vast expertise in the areas of investment and finance, management and operations, and entrepreneurship. More

Ignacio Zafra | 4YFN

Ignacio Zafra

Founder & CEO, nubbius

He has lead the nubbius team to create a successful case running in a pure cloud infrastructure, for the benefit of nubbius and, above all, lawyers. More

Ayelet Noff | 4YFN

Ayelet Noff

Founder & CEO, Blonde 2.0

She has been involved in the social media world before the term social media even existed, helping companies to socialize their brands and engage with consumers. More

Sergio Cortés | 4YFN

Sergio Cortés

Founder & CEO, social-buy.com

Founder, serial Entrepreneur and Business Angel. Developing companies like CINK and Social-Buy.com. Innovation and Social Commerce expert. More

Ann Mettler | 4YFN

Ann Mettler

Executive Director, Lisbon Council

Executive Director and Co-Founder of the Lisbon Council, a knowledge economy think tank based in Brussels. More

Lee Bryant  | 4YFN

Lee Bryant

Founder, Postshift

He is passionate about using social technology to put humans front and centre of the way we do things in the Twenty-First Century. More

Alberto Onetti | 4YFN

Alberto Onetti

Chairman & President, Mind the Bridge Foundation

Forward-looking, dividing his time between Italy and the United States, Alberto works on bridging technology to business. More

Laurent Renard | 4YFN

Laurent Renard

Co-founder & CEO, Toro Development Limited

He is the co-founder and CEO of TORO, a technology business that provides a Mobile Wallet Infrastructure and its associated systems. More

Sergio Llorens | 4YFN

Sergio Llorens

Partner and Co-Founder, GIGIGO

Sergio is the Partner and Co-Founder of GIGIGO Mobile Services a Spanish company founded in 2004 with more than 60 employees over the world. More

Eneko Knorr | 4YFN

Eneko Knorr

Founder and CEO at Ludei

Eneko Knorr is the founder and CEO at Ludei, an HTML5 game and app development platform based in San Francisco More

Juan Urdiales  | 4YFN

Juan Urdiales

Co-Founder & Co-CEO, Job&Talent

Juan Urdiales is currently the Co-CEO of jobandtalent, the online recruitment startup he founded in 2009 that operates in Spain and the UK. More

Javier de la Torre  | 4YFN

Javier de la Torre

CEO, CartoDB

Javier de la Torre is CEO at CartoDB, a global startup democratizing data analysis and visualization on maps. More

Rani Wellingstein | 4YFN

Rani Wellingstein

VP Product Development, SON Software Solutions, Mobility, Cisco

Rani Wellingstein founded Intucell which was acquired by Cisco. Prior to that, he was a founder and VP of Celltick Technologies, a world leader in mobile broadcast. More

Gina Tost | 4YFN

Gina Tost

Journalist specialized in technology

Gina Tost is a journalist specialized in technology, videogames, culture and business. More

Brendan Gill | 4YFN

Brendan Gill

CEO, OpenSignal

Brendan Gill is the CEO of OpenSignal, which crowdsources data on the performance and coverage of mobile networks around the world More

Matt Bell | 4YFN

Matt Bell

Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer, Matterport

Matt Bell chose to focus Matterport on building models of real things because of the potential to help millions of people communicate in 3D. More

José Manuel Villanueva | 4YFN

José Manuel Villanueva

Co-Founder of Privalia

José Manuel Villanueva Co-founded with Lucas Carné what today is the leading company in online-fashion outlet sector Privalia. More

Jacinto Roca | 4YFN

Jacinto Roca

Founder & CEO, Wuaki.tv-Rakuten Group

Wuaki.tv is a Spanish provider of on-demand Internet streaming media. It is a subsidiary of Rakuten, the world’s third largest e-commerce company. More

Joaquim Lecha | 4YFN

Joaquim Lecha

CFO, Socialpoint

He has provided strategy and financial advisory services to companies on business development, company acquisition and capital raising, for over 14 years. More

Tomás Diago | 4YFN

Tomás Diago

Founder & CEO, Softonic

Diago founded Softonic in 1997. The company was created based on his final degree project and has now become the world’s leading online software guide. More

Harald Zapp | 4YFN

Harald Zapp

Founder & CEO, relayr

An electrical engineer who helped build up Cisco in Europe over 15 years, helping establish awareness and use cases for the Internet of Things. More

Gianluca Dettori | 4YFN

Gianluca Dettori

Founder & Chairman, dPixel

In the last 10 years, Gianluca has personally followed over 10 startups in the digital industry and medical, first as Angel Investor and then as dPixel partner. . More

Razmig Hovaghimian | 4YFN

Razmig Hovaghimian

CEO & Co-Founder, Viki

Razmig is also co-founder and joint patent holder of Embrace, an organization that has developed a $25 infant incubator for the developing world. More

Bastien Legras | 4YFN

Bastien Legras

Cloud platform solution engineer, Google

He is a cloud platform solution engineer with a 4 years experience at Google, and 10+ years in the IT and cloud industry. More

Agustín Navarro | 4YFN

Agustín Navarro

Founder & CEO, Lyncos Technologies

Agustin Navarro is the founder and CEO of Lyncos Technologies, a company focused on creating Internet of Things products and services. More

David Rebollo | 4YFN

David Rebollo

Postdoctoral researcher Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC)

David Rebollo-Monedero received the M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in electrical engineering from Stanford University, in California, USA, in 2003 and 2007, respectively. More

Mauricio Prieto | 4YFN

Mauricio Prieto

Co-founder & CMO, eDreams Odigeo

Mauricio worked on introducing Internet trading capabilities and web-based investment tools to Schwab's international customers. More

Jarmo Eskelinen | 4YFN

Jarmo Eskelinen

CEO, Forum Virium Helsinki President, European Network of Living Labs

Jarmo Eskelinen is the CEO of Forum Virium Helsinki President, European Network of Living Labs. More

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