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Hailing from Boston, Israel to Russia, these are the 10 finalists for the 4YFN Mobile Startup Competition that will fly in to Barcelona to present live on stage their projects.

Airfy (Germany)

Airfy is a German Startup its goal is to have free and secure WiFi access for everybody in any city of the world. Every connection is as secure as your WiFi at home with WPA2.


Alima (France)

Alima, a French Startup, is a smart device embedding 6 sensors (Volatile Organic Compounds, Particulate Matter, Carbon monoxide, Carbon dioxide, Temperature and Humidity) monitoring the pollution levels and providing warnings and recommendations for people to improve their indoor air quality. Alima learns from the housing and the users to deliver advices and predictions on pollution trends.


Cell Buddy (Israel)

Cell Buddy, a Starup based in Israel, invented a wireless, multi-key authentication technology based on the GSM encryption algorithm, to authenticate the users’ identities for mobile providers. Their ID-SIM card extracts its identity from a server populated with a multitude of local SIM cards and plans. It is as if the remote SIM from the server is placed inside the phone.

Fairwaves (EUA)

Based in United States, Fairwaves is a new kind of a telecom vendor, tailored to serve mobile operators in low-income areas, giving hardware to mobile operator almost for free, while making money on value added services.


Infantium (Spain)

Infantium, a startup based in Spain, is a cognitive platform that personalizes learning by serving an individualized syllabus for every child (apps, media, ebooks, etc) adjusted to individual needs, learning style, speed and level.


ION Eyeware (Spain)

ION Eyewear is a company specialized in wearable technology. Their first product, ION Glasses, is a fashionable prescription glasses (also available as sunglasses) which interact with the mobile devices. Main functions are notifications and remote control of the devices. Funds have been obtained via crowd funding and they are plannig to launch in March 2014.


Livemap (Russian Federation)

Motorcyclists still need an effective navigation tool except the usual paper maps or touch-screen navigators. Using maps requires frequent stops, navigators distract the biker’s attention and are not safe to be operated on the go. This is a unique hi-tech motorbike helmet with built-in navigation system and voice controlled interface perfectly meeting bikers’ requirements.


Qipp (Switzerland)

Qipp is a Swiss startup which offers mainly a powerful software engine serving all kinds of post purchase services for products, and interacting with any kind of physical identifier, sensors and communication modules (e.g. barcodes, NFC Tags, BLE beacons). Qipp has a strong horizontal vision, while digging into specific, vertical use cases with partners.


Recommend (France)

Coming from France, Recommend is the first online network to gather and deliver customized advice the way we do it in our everyday life. Recommend enables you to find, save, retrieve and share all relevant experiences about places, products & services in one place.


Sterio.me (United Kingdom)

Sterio.me is an educational tool. Its purpose is to extend education outside classrooms and fight against illiteracy through technology accessible to anybody in the world. It works delivering lessons, previously pre-recorded by teachers, via a free SMS-triggered VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) call.

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