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26/2/2014, 10:45 - 11:45 - The Audi Stage

Internet of Things

With Jérôme Nadel (Rambus)

Massimo Banzi (Arduino)
Dr. Genevieve Bell (Intel)
Harald Neidhardt (MLOVE), moderator

The Internet of Things is a massive new trend that has been years in the making. With the exponential growth of smartphones and the rapid miniaturization of computing, we are experiencing a new era of computing.

Intel calls this new era the "Ghost of computing" as we are surrounded by sensors, services and devices that remain often invisible. Rambus is a pioneer in technology solutions, services and chipsets. Jérôme Nadel, CMO of Rambus will guide us through new possibilities in sensors, services and the security aspect of the explosion of IoT opportunities.

With driving down of hardware costs and smaller and compact connected devices, we are also experiencing a new way to democratize to build new hardware projects. One of the pioneers in IoT hardware is Massimo Banzi, the founder of the Arduino project. He will share his journey from the first idea to the massive support Arduino has gathered so far.

Panel curated by MLOVE


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