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25/2/2014, 15:45 - 16:15 - Agora Banc Sabadell

Emerging opportunities for business in the Internet of Things landscape

Por Aldo de Jong

The Internet of Things (IoT) presents a rapidly growing opportunity for companies in the technology space. However, the ecosystem of the IoT is complex, fragmented and has many dimensions (products, services, companies, geographies). Claro Partners recently completed a project to understand the Internet of Things landscape as it stands now, and to identify opportunity spaces within it. In this session we will build on this research to argue that the future of the IoT lies in value-added services built across platforms and devices, that create meaningful experiences and enhance people’s lives.

We have created an interactive Internet of Things business landscape, mapping 350 initiatives across 100 value propositions. Through this map, we will preview the vast landscape of value propositions across the IoT and the new business models they launch. We will uncover the opportunities that arise when creators look beyond simple track-and-trace applications or remote-control mechanisms and make the leap towards products which offer emotional benefits to users and enable meaningful object-mediated dialogues between people.


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