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26/2/2014, 15:00 - 16:30 - Workshop dome 3

Designing personal data enabled experiences

With Abby Margolis (Claro Partners)

Mandy Bouchedid (Claro Partners)
Stephen Deadman (Vodafone)

Consciously or unconsciously, we produce vast amounts of personal data in our everyday lives through activities like emailing, texting, checking-in, posting, liking, etc. Convinced that bigger is better, businesses are collecting and stockpiling this personal data to catch up in the big data race. Services designed around aggregated data are multiplying in number day by day, most of them quickly proving redundant.

However, people have unique needs and motivations. To provide real value to users, personal data-enabled services must take into account these individual differences rather than delivering mass solutions.

In this interactive workshop we will explore a new approach to designing digital services that requires a shift in thinking from data-centric to people-centric; from big data and aggregated resources to small data and personalised experiences. We will build on findings from our multi-client research initiative that explored people’s experiences around their personal data; and introduce some generative tools we have designed to develop tailored experiences to particular user needs and motivations. You will have hands-on experience using these tools to develop your own offers for personalised experiences.


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