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25/2/2014 | Marc Fernández

The most innovative Startups at 4YFN

Cellbuddy has won the Mobile Startup Competition at 4 Years From Now (4YFN). This startup from Israel has developed a wireless identification technology based on the GSM encryption algorithm which makes it possible for mobile network providers to check the authenticity of user identities.

In other words, Cellbuddy offers a solution with which users can travel without having to worry about changing their SIM card to switch from one operator to another. Most users tend to have problems with their connectivity and the price they pay for it. With this new solution they can also choose the operator plan that best suits them at any time.

Cellbuddy will receive a week of «technological immersion» at Silicon Valley as a reward for the first place in this first edition of the Mobile Startup Competition. In addition the company will receive 5,000 euros in legal counseling imparted by BDO Spain, four exhibition passes for Mobile World Congress.

The second place was for Infantium. The spanish company has been awarded with 3,000 euros in legal counseling imparted by BDO Spain and will pass directly to the second stage of the BStartup program by Banco Sabadell, which was created to support and finance startups with potential. Infantium is an education platform designed to offer a personalized learning system which adapts precisely to the needs of every child by using the right applications and hardware.

Alima has achieved the third place. The French startup has designed an intelligent device which is able to monitor and analyze the air quality in any indoor location and sends warnings or makes recommendations and prognostics that help us improve it. As the second-placed, Alima will also go straight to the second round of the Banc Sabadell BStartup  program and will receive legal consultation services worth 2,000 euros.

The jury of the Mobile Startup Competition will consist of professionals from the mobile technology sector with extensive experience like John Hoffman, CEO of the GSMA; Di-Ann Eisnor, vicepresident of Waze or Xavier Capellades, director of innovation at Telefónica Digital, just to name a few.

The Mobile Startup Competition at 4 Years From Now (4YFN)has closed its first edition with close to 450 applications received and a total of 192 companies having successfully completed the process. In addition to the top three, the other seven finalists, who yesterday attended the presentation sessions at the Audi Stage at 4YFN, have been awarded with 500 euros and legal consultancy services.

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